We are a group of three students from a reputed college. As we were too deviated from studies, we ending up picking girls. Soon this hobby became our habit. Luckily, most of our methods worked like a charm! We often share our previous experiences with each other and expand horizons. As one of the mates find his true love, he enrolled himself in the life’s rat race.

Now I and my friend start picking up random girls by doing some kind of prank. And surprisingly we laid most of them. And now there is a new entry to my team. She is a hot, intelligent, funny girl with a dirty mind. And soon we both ended up in the friend with benefits relationship. During these times, I would help most of the college buddies to pick up a girl.

It is her idea to use our skills to build a blog. This crazypickuplines.com is the result of those efforts. Soon we are planning to get married. And this site has got most of the lines that worked for me. And some lines were added from external references.

As a thank you, I would like to get a beer! If not possible, you can share your honest opinion. I would be glad to the core.